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Dr. Davetta Hammond ELI-MP, CPC Health and Spiritual Wellness Strategist Contact: 949.292.6670

President, Founder of Tria Lifestyle Coaching  

I have 26 years of operational experience across multi-specialty provider groups and health plans with specific focus on heart disease, diabetes and obesity from a prospective and retrospective training and educational approach.  I provide subject matter expertise to my clients in the areas of medical documentation and coding operations, provider education and total patient care coaching.

During the last 10 years, my focus has been in the area of provider and patient education and training to ensure accurate clinical reflection of total patient care and chronic condition diagnosis adherence and management respectively.


I also develop, implement and monitor well-being initiatives toward programs that create awareness, motivation and provide tools that impact current health status around Obesity, Heart Disease and Diabetes for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Responsible for providing plan administration, participant communications across communities in need of health status evaluation and management.

A great deal of my time is dedicated to educating, encouraging and empowering health plans, physicians, men, women and children  individually around chronic condition prevention and management. Personally, this area of focus is close to my heart (literally) as I successfully manage my own health status that includes a diagnosis of Left Ventricular Hypotrophy (thickening of the walls of my heart's main pumping chamber) through medication adherence, nutrition and weight management. 

I hold a Masters in Christian Leadership and a Doctor of Philosophy Humane Letters degree from Trinity International University of Ambassadors. I am also a Certified Energy Leadership Index™ Master Practitioner (ELI-MP) and a Certified Professional Coach (CPC) through the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (IPEC). I am a credential Certified Professional Coder through the Academy of Professional Coders. I also hold a Specialization in Project Management through the University of Phoenix. 


About Us



Tria (greek for the number three); also the number of God showing His full-orbed work, as we stand on the triune Godhead of the tri-personal being, we are equipped to engage and inspire the three components of your being; your mind, your body and your soul.

Our vision is for our clients to reflect at full capacity, so they truly live life on purpose, positively impacting the world around them. 



Our mission is to not only partner with men and women whose lives are impacted by chronic conditions and obesity but to also include the population interested in better understand their root cause to ensure they live healthy and productive lives


The Experience

Once you encounter our Experience Zone via one on one coaching, monthly health and spiritual wellness challenges, workshops or our one of a kind spring or summer retreats you will relish in the fact that we connect mentally, physically and spiritually in a purely wholesome way.

Tria's Partners

Certified Personal Trainers


I , Hejira "Coach HJ" Thompson,  am a certified personal trainer, NPC figure competitor and fit mother of 6 awesome children! 

I started my career as an Herbalife health coach and then became a UFC Gym coach. I decided I wanted and needed to work independently. 

Located in the Los Angeles area, I do one on one training, weekly bootcamps and online training / coaching. 

My passion is helping people who are serious about wanting help and support in order to live healthier happier lifestyles! 

Learn more at:


Holistic Wellness Coach


Holistic Wellness Coaching is a program for people who are looking to make a shift in their lives. 

It’s to end the battle with our bodies by living in the present, rebuilding the mind/body connection, and prioritizing self-care through fitness, nutrition and mindfulness.  

Through the tools of gentle movement, coaching, and holistic nutrition, we work together to turn your ideal health goals into your everyday life, one small step at a time. 

Learn more at:  


Yoga Instructor

200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor with a comprehensive background in holistic wellness. Jackie is als

200 hr Certified Yoga Instructor with a comprehensive background in holistic wellness. 

I am also a Reiki Level II Practitioner and a Chopra Center Certified Perfect Health Instructor. My primary focus is on women’s health, which began when I worked as a Labor and Delivery RN in the US Navy. 

My goal is to share mind-body practices and tools that can empower women to live their most joyful and unique expression. I am also a triathlete and enrolled at the Culinary Institute of Virginia, where I hope to expand my passion for healing through the gift of food.

Learn more at:


Tria's Partners

Fresh Pressed Juice



Our ingredients are all raw, whole, fresh, local when possible, seasonal, and of the highest quality. All ingredients have a healing purpose. We use NO dairy or processed sugars. Drinking JuiceBar Juices daily is a healthy, delicious, and convenient way to clear your system of toxins that slow down your body & mind.

· 100% Fresh & Raw 

· 80/20 Life Keep it 100 

· Drink Cleanse

If you are looking for a fresh pressed juice experience, visit Juice Bar Laskin Road or place your order online. 

They are not just a juice bar, they are a life line. 




Learn more at: https://www.instagram.com/nyojb/?hl=en

Certified Personal Trainers

Our personal training team is made up of experts from both coasts who have years of experience and t

  Our personal training team is made up of experts from both coasts who have years of experience and training to meet our clients where they are in their journey (beginner, intermediate or expert). 

Our trainers balance the physical component and nutrition in our approach toward maintaining a healthy lifestyle through customized plans.

Our client's needs are priority as we work to balance the mind and the body. 

Consultation scheduling at: https://directory.bookedin.com/health--wellness-coaching

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Join our team as we are the change that we see.

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